Comic 395 - Cato 3.9.28
15th Jun 2018, 7:42 AM in Book three, Chapter nine - Greater Good
Cato 3.9.28
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Author Notes:
joeyballast edit delete
Early page as I'll be driving to and from Vancouver today and tomorrow so no time to post and I don't feel like scheduling it.

New colouring method! Much faster, but grainier. Almost looks like coloured pencil.

I know Cato's thought bubbles are a tad jumbled/hectic. But in this case it's because Cato's mind is a tad, well, jumbled and hectic.

Thanks for reading!
User comments:
hykez87 edit delete reply
A hard decision to make in situations like this: be patient and let things play through or do crazy stuffs.
joeyballast edit delete reply
Aw, man, crazy tough decision. But I think we all know which one Cato's gonna try :)

As to whether it pans out or not...
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
I love the speech bubbles -- that's totally how people think!
joeyballast edit delete reply
Thanks! It's kinda how I think :)

I always feel a little guilty about using thought bubbles because most the advice I read is "DON'T USE THEM IT'S LAZY STORYTELLING" but sometimes you just gotta get in the character's heads.

Also, I first started using them after Cato had that run in with the green spooky computer lady. So there are reasons. Reaaaaaaasooooooooons.
sigpig edit delete reply
Perhaps Rhea has -just- enough power remaining to take out those Reavers and she doesn't want Cato to watch?
joeyballast edit delete reply
That would be really cool. Tearing of limbs and wrecking-balls to ribcages and all that.

Sadly, though, not the case :(
pkrankow edit delete reply
This page works. It is working harder than most pages. Lots of information in those bubbles.
joeyballast edit delete reply
Good to know it works :) that's a bit a relief, actually.

Since this comic's layout is very 'fly by the seat of my pants' at the moment sometimes it's hard to tell what's going to be readable (the way I read the page is nooooooot always the way others read the page)
Thracecius (Guest) edit delete reply
Heh, "super punch". That is so appropriately kid-minded that I'm *almost* surprised to see it, but since you already routinely get into the minds of kids in this comic, I'm not. ;)

What crazy antics are you planning NOW, Cato? :P
joeyballast edit delete reply
Regarding crazy antics hurling insults in poor and broken french is probably the best he'll be able to do ;)

Unless Bink's got some cards up its sleeves!